The QuiverCast - A Surfing Podcast

Mike Estrada

January 09, 2024 Mike Steele
The QuiverCast - A Surfing Podcast
Mike Estrada
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Show Notes

Today, we're catching up with the exciting surfer and shaper, Mike Estrada @estrada_surfboard_design, as we listen in on his journey from the early days in Newport Beach to the shaping bay of his Costa Mesa factory.

In this episode, Mike takes us back to the roots of his surfing passion, reminiscing about the golden era and the thrill of progressing alongside his brother, Dave, at their cherished home break in Newport Beach. Growing up, the ocean was their playground, and the surf contests became the stage where Mike's love for the ocean was highlighted, leading to sponsorship by the iconic Quicksilver.

The surfing culture of the time was beautifully captured by photographers who frequented the shores to immortalize Mike and Dave's skills in the pages of renowned magazines. It was a time when every wave that was captured exposed the essence of  Newport Beach surfing.

As Mike entered his early twenties, the inevitable question arose – what to do for a living? In a serendipitous turn of events, his lifelong interest in shaping surfboards beckoned him into a new chapter of his life. Embracing the art of shaping, Mike embarked on a journey that would redefine his connection to the ocean.

Tune in as Mike shares the triumphs of his shaping career, highlighting the importance of keeping an open mind when it comes to board design. His versatility has not only shaped the boards beneath the feet of surfers but has also kept the process of shaping itself endlessly enjoyable.

Join us for an insightful conversation with Mike Estrada, a surfer whose journey is as dynamic and unpredictable as the ocean he calls home. And did Mike surf Lowers alone with a man in the grey suit? Find Out!

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