The QuiverCast - A Surfing Podcast

Jesse Faen

December 19, 2023 Mike Steele
The QuiverCast - A Surfing Podcast
Jesse Faen
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Show Notes

Dive into the world of waves with today's podcast episode featuring Jesse Faen @jessefaen, a lifelong surfer deeply entrenched in the surf industry. With a background spanning surf magazines, clothing companies, and the ASP, Jesse has seamlessly turned his personal passion for surfing into a fulfilling career.

In this insightful conversation, Jesse sheds light on the profound philosophy that surfing is not just a sport but a lifestyle. He discusses the importance of surf etiquette, drawing from his extensive experience and emphasizing the camaraderie that defines the surfing community.

Jesse's journey takes us across the globe, fueled by his love for surfing. A connoisseur of surfboards, Jesse boasts an impressive quiver.

The narrative takes an emotional turn as Jesse shares his pride in his daughter Gypsy, a young and passionate surfer who uses the ocean as a canvas for self-expression. Witness the intersection of family, passion, and the sea as Jesse marvels at Gypsy's ability to convey herself through the art of surfing.

Beyond personal pursuits, Jesse is actively involved in the nonprofit A Walk on Water, where he channels his love for surfing to make a positive impact. Hear about the joy he experiences as he recounts moments of sheer enjoyment that individuals, less fortunate, find in the water, thanks to the transformative power of surfing.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation with Jesse Faen as he takes us on a ride through the waves, sharing stories that transcend the sport and embody the spirit of community, family, and the profound connection between humans and the sea.

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