The QuiverCast - A Surfing Podcast

Ralph Fatello

November 22, 2022 Mike Steele
The QuiverCast - A Surfing Podcast
Ralph Fatello
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Show Notes

This is one of my favorite episodes but had some sound issues, so here is a remastered version. Enjoy, and I hope you all have a super good Thanksgiving.
Aloha Mike

This week we chat with Ralph Fatello @ralphs.pic from New England.  Ralph remembers the days when you saw another surfer you would get so excited and roll down the window and wave at each other, like lost brothers.  At 17, Ralph joined the Marines and went to Vietnam.  While in Vietnam, he and two friends talked about getting back to "The World" together and going surfing.  All three made it back but never had the opportunity to surf together.  After returning, Ralph went to art school and was in many rock bands, all the while surfing all the time.  Today, Ralph can be found at the beach surfing and taking videos/photos of the local crew.  His, blog is where you can find 100's 0f videos and find out what is happening in the New England surf scene!  And did Ralph really take Sting to Dunkin' Donuts? Find out!!

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