The QuiverCast - A Surfing Podcast

Darshan Gooch

November 28, 2023 Mike Steele
The QuiverCast - A Surfing Podcast
Darshan Gooch
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Show Notes

Welcome to another exciting episode of The QuiverCast! Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with the incredible Darshan Gooch @gooch_d, a passionate surfer hailing from the East side of Santa Cruz.

Darshan's connection with the waves runs deep, starting from his early days catching waves with his dad. Now, as a family man, he continues the tradition by sharing the stoke of surfing with his own kids and his surfer wife. 

Living in the heart of the surf scene in Santa Cruz comes with its challenges, and Darshan shares how he navigates the bustling crowds by seeking out those hidden gems where he can enjoy the ocean in its purest form. His dedication to finding uncrowded waves takes him on spontaneous surf trips that are nothing short of adventurous.

What sets Darshan apart is his curiosity and appreciation for the art of surfing. He was inspired by the diverse range of boards his elders rode, sparking an interest in understanding how each one interacts with the waves. 🤔

To witness the magic, you can catch Darshan in action by checking out the plethora of surf videos featuring him online. His quiver is as diverse as his skills, showcasing an array of boards that reflect his deep love and understanding of the sport.

Join us in this episode as we dive into Darshan's surfing journey, exploring the waves, the boards, and the endless joy that comes from riding the ocean's rhythm. It's a conversation filled with passion, insights, and the pure love of surfing that will leave you inspired to grab your board and hit the waves!

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