The QuiverCast - A Surfing Podcast

Lindsey Jacobellis

October 17, 2023 Mike Steele
The QuiverCast - A Surfing Podcast
Lindsey Jacobellis
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Show Notes

Today, we're catching up with the remarkable Lindsey Jacobellis @lindseyjacobellis, a true force of nature in the world of snowboarding and an inspiring 2x Olympic gold medalist in snowboard cross. Join us as we dive into Lindsey's journey from the East Coast slopes to the sun-soaked shores of Southern California.

Lindsey's story is of unwavering determination and a deep passion for competition. Born and raised on the East Coast, she first ventured into the world of winter sports through skiing before making the exhilarating transition to snowboarding. Her love for the sport blossomed, propelling her to the pinnacle of competitive snowboarding, where she became a world-class athlete.

But what's the twist in Lindsey's tale? Well, as much as she thrived in the icy winters of the East, she discovered a different kind of solace on the sunny beaches of Southern California during the summertime. The contrast was striking. The harsh winters took a toll on her body, and the warm Southern Californian climate became her sanctuary, offering a therapeutic escape.

Here in Southern California, Lindsey delved into the world of surfing, finding another dimension to her athletic pursuits. It wasn't long before the realization set in - this was where she was meant to be during the summer months, catching waves and embracing the coastal culture that provided her with a unique sense of balance.

But that's not all. Lindsey Jacobellis has more to share with the world. On October 17, 2023, she'll be releasing her much-anticipated book, "Unforgiving: Lessons from the Fall." In this memoir, Lindsey chronicles her remarkable career, unveiling the secrets of her resilience. She takes us on a journey through the trials and tribulations of her early years, where crushing failure threatened to define her. However, Lindsey's unwavering spirit and commitment ultimately led her to the pinnacle of Olympic glory, earning two gold medals, a 6x World Champion, and many gold medals from the World Cup, & XGames.

Join us as we explore Lindsey's incredible story, from the slopes to the waves, from the lows to the highs, and discover the invaluable lessons she's learned along the way. Get ready to be inspired by this extraordinary athlete, author, and surfer, Lindsey Jacobellis, as she shares her journey of self-growth and triumph against all odds.
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